Expert Extended Maintenance Plan


What Is It
A service plan that allows for maintenance of your nominated appliance/s for a maximum period of
three years after the manufacturer’s warranty has lapsed.

How It Works
Teljoy EasyFix, at no extra cost to you after the initial once off fee, will provide labour and parts, as
deemed necessary, to restore the appliance/s to working order following the failure of a mechanical
part of the appliance/s due to a latent defect or as a result of normal wear and tear.

What Types Of Products Are Covered
The Expert Maintenance Plan covers a wide range of household appliances including: Fridges,
freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, hobs, extractors,
microwaves, TV’s, DSTV decoders and sound bars.

What Is The Cost
A once off fee of 11.5% of the product price.

How Do I Add The Extended Maintenance Plan To My Purchase

  • Once you have added the appliance you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, you will be asked if you would like to purchase the Expert Extended Maintenance Plan for that particular product.
  • If you choose to do so, you will be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Once accepted the amount for the Extended Maintenance Plan will be added to your shopping cart and you will proceed with the checkout process.
  • Once your order has been delivered, register your appliance at using the invoice supplied with your delivery.

Can I Add The Extended Maintenance Plan To A Product That Has Already Been Purchased

  • Yes! You can still add the Extended Maintenance Plan for up to 3 months after the product purchase date.
  • Login to your account on and navigate to your Account Profile page.
  • Click on Order History. You will see a list of your previous purchases and any purchases eligible to have the Expert Extended Maintenance Plan added will display an asterisk*
  • Click on the order number and you will see the option to add the Maintenance Plan under Maintenance Amount
  • Add to your cart and continue the normal checkout process

Bought in-store?

Follow this link to apply for extended maintenance on your store-bought item.